Premium Backup Service

In recent times, we have seen more and more people finding that they have a “broken” web site which can be caused by many different means, not least by human error in accidently deleting or overwriting the content of the site.

With some of these cases, we have been able to help by fixing some of the configuration of the site, in other cases, data has been completely lost.

Although we take regular backups of our entire servers in case of system failure, sadly, in most cases, our backups don’t go back far enough to be able to restore a fully working version of the website and that means a lot of time and money spent having to re-type all your missing content.

Even when we can access a working backup, it can still take quite some time and effort to acomplish and the costs can run into hundreds of pounds which we see as not a great use of valuabe money.

Introducing “Premium Backups”

To combat this issue, we have invested in a system where we can automate a daily backup of all our websites and also any backend databases that WordPress or other CMS systems may be using. We also keep these backups for a full 30 days and so if you discover a problem, you can easily restore to any particular day up to 30 days ago. This should be adequate in almost all circumstances.

This system does cost us a significant sum to back up the tens of Gigabytes of data every single day and so sadly, this premium service comes at an additional cost.
Thankfully, we have kept this cost to a minimum to make what is a very sensible precaution quite affordable and easy to implement.

Prices start at £20 per year and depend upon the size and complexity of the site to be backed up.

e-mail for more information and a no obligation quote.