About Us

Back in 1999, Pete Sturgess was struggling to find a decent Internet Service Provider that could provide a reliable, professional service with all the features that he required for the right price.
This was impossible to find. There were many providers that could provide the features and there were many that could fit the budget but none that solved both criteria.

Pete then decided to set up as an ISP in his own right. He managed to find an excellent package from DSVR and has never looked back. The first user of this space was West Lancashire Scouts and by making this move, their Internet access and hosting charges halved whilst retaining the reliability and adding many features to their internet presence. That was a long time ago and over the years, I ended up with 5 servers at DSVR which them became Thus and then Demon. Sadly, Demon could not match the quality of service offered by DSVR and so in 2011, Pete started to migrate all his Customers over to HEART where he could offer a better service and far more services at the right price.

I can also now offer live audio streaming & web cams and have a package to suit short-term radio broadcasts, we can even assist with the hire of the complete package including the transmitter. There’s lots we can offer right from the most basic of e-mail accounts to a dedicated or managed server.

Sturgess Internet Solutions, whilst run as a very professional business is run by Pete in his spare time. This is why our overheads are way below other similar providers who need to pay salaries to employees.

Please feel free to browse around our web site, take a look at some of our customer’s sites, try out our features and  contact us for further information and a no-obligation quote.

Thanks for calling by.